About CareMed

Specialty Pharmacy . . . Re-Defined

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients battling rare, cancer, and orphan diseases.

Why Choose CareMed Specialty Pharmacy

 At CareMed, we are re-defining specialty pharmacy with a focus on rare and chronic disease management. We know treating certain specialized diseases can be highly complex and that every patient is unique. That is why we believe a comprehensive, collaborative, patient-centric approach to care is essential to successful disease management.


Dependable Pharmacy Service

 We believe in a timely approach to patient care. This efficiency along with close medical supervision by staff physicians and clinical pharmacists ensures patients receive appropriate disease-specific assistance throughout every phase of treatment with clinical management, consultations, and medication compliance monitoring.


Upstanding Pharmacy Services with Industry Accreditation

CareMed maintains dual accreditations with URAC, ACHC, and NABP demonstrating our commitment to excellence and top-notch customer service.

CareMed Provides:

Rapid turnaround dispensing

Comprehensive disease-specific care management programs

Patient Assistance Programs for qualified patients

Utilization reviews and quality control audits

Clinical consultations and medication compliance monitoring

A diverse offering of pharmacy services including medication and support services

A full line of products, including IV medications, enteral nutrition, and medical supplies

100% transparency model, focusing on quality patient care and satisfaction

Timely, worry-free refill services

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CareMed, an Onco360 Specialty Pharmacy – Leveraging our collective pharmacy experience, specializing in rare, cancer, and orphan diseases.

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