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CareMed provides easy ordering via e-Prescribe, fax, or by phone, and all prescriptions are shipped free of charge.

Easy Prescription Referral Process

CareMed is dedicated to outstanding specialty pharmacy services that deliver the highest quality of care for your patients. We believe in a comprehensive, collaborative care approach is essential to complex disease management.

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Why Choose CareMed Specialty Pharmacy?

Our patient-centric approach has helped us grow to be a leading independent Specialty Pharmacy. As leaders and innovators in the industry, we strive to continuously improve our services to generate more value, and improve quality for our stakeholders. From the time of initial diagnosis to the first dose, and on through to the end of treatment, CareMed provides a comprehensive, collaborative care approach to complex disease management—throughout the entire continuum of patient care.

Key Services

Efficiency is a key part of our approach to providing timely specialty pharmacy services. CareMed understands patients’ medication needs are often critical to keep their treatment and life on track. Our turnaround time is typically 24 hours and our pharmacists are available toll-free 24/7/365.

    • Highest quality service + clinical disease-specific care
    • Custom reporting options for patient management + financial management
    • Prior Authorization Support
    • Patient Assistance Programs

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