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As a CareMed patient, you’ll find we’re more than just a specialty pharmacy – we are your specialty pharmacy partner.

Chronic Condition Management

A comprehensive list of breakthrough therapies to treat many chronic conditions.

Prior Authorization Support

We can assist and guide you through the prior authorization process.


Refill an Rx

Refill your prescription, anytime, anywhere!

Financial Assistance

Facing financial hardship? Our Patient Assistance Program might be able to help.

How We Help

As a patient with CareMed, you’ll find we’re more than just a specialty pharmacy. We understand that following a prescribed course of treatment is not always easy, especially for those with chronic conditions, and our goal is to offer you the highest possible quality of life through medication, counseling, education, and monitoring of drug therapy and interactions. Each member of the CareMed family takes pride in supplying patients with personalized, comprehensive patient care—from ease of insurance verification to prompt, accurate, free delivery of your medications to make your treatment as easy as possible.

What We Do For Patients

 CareMed’s benefits and services:

Help with private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and ADAP paperwork, billing, and claims

Counseling and detailed instructions on how to take your medications correctly, as well as how to manage side effects

24/7 Access to our Board Certified Specialty Pharmacists to answer your questions and provide support when you want it

Patient Financial Assistance, our staff will work on your behalf to help secure funding if you need financial support

Patient Portal and Mobile App

Instant Access to Your Specialty Prescriptions

myCareMed patient app and portal provides you 24/7 access to your prescription information, refill details, payment options, delivery tracking, and more from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device.

mycaremed patient page

Get the Treatment You Need With Our Reimbursement Specialists

Our comprehensive approach to personalized service doesn’t stop with supplying your medications. We want to ensure that you also have the means to acquire the treatment prescribed to you by your physician.

That’s why CareMed also has trained reimbursement specialists ready to assist you in filing insurance claims to securing complex drug management therapies.

Patient Programs & Copay Assistance

At CareMed, we strive to provide you with every tool available to assist you in your treatment and therapy, no matter your healthcare situation. If you are under insured, uninsured or unable to supply the financial funds needed for your treatment, CareMed has several options to help you:

Coverage and Reimbursement Assistance: Confirm insurance coverage and receive information on reimbursements from private and public insurers, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Appeals Assistance: A Reimbursement Specialist will guide and consult you through handling the appeals committee when claims or coverage are denied.

CareMed Patient Assistance Program (PAP):  We assist uninsured or under insured patients in obtaining access to the necessary medications.

Caremed Patient Copay Assistance

Clinical Care Coordination

At CareMed, we understand that each medication is as significant and individual as the patient it is intended for. We aim to provide medications for a full range of treatments in order to assist our patients in every way possible. Through our specialty pharmacy inventory, we can provide treatments and therapy for a number of needs, including:

  • Anti-viral drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy
  • Fertility agents
  • Hepatitis therapy
  • Hydration
  • Inotropic Therapy/cardiac care medication
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Pain management
  • Steroids
  • Vitamins
  • Other injectable therapies
  • Inflammation
  • Oral Oncolytics

3 Easy Ways To Send Your Prescription to CareMed

Ask your physician today about sending your prescriptions to CareMed Specialty Pharmacy. Our staff makes it easy and convenient.


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