Pharmacy Services That Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Performance Driven

Integrating performance improvements into every area of our operation

Customer Service

Consistently exceeding expectations of our clients in service delivery

Innovative Approach

Developing innovative, cost-effective, pharmaceutical programs


100% Transparency

Rest assured that all discounts and rebates will be processed completely

Unique Needs Require a Unique Pharmacy Partner

Our mission is to provide a seamless, integrated delivery system in today’s managed care environment. It is met through a partnership between patient, physician, payer, and pharmaceutical provider. The difficult task of keeping costs low while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service is a goal that the healthcare industry strives to achieve. Competitive reimbursement fees, unmatched service and depth of clinical programs are just a few of the reasons payers choose CareMed Specialty Pharmacy as their preferred specialty pharmacy.


CareMed Specialty Pharmacy provides quality Specialty Pharmacy by utilizing the unique capabilities of trained licensed pharmacists to incorporate a broad range of specifically prescribed intravenous or injectable solutions while embracing the best aspects of pharmaceutical preparation technique, analysis solution quality, and process quality control.

CareMed prides itself on its experienced pharmacy staff, teaching materials, corporate compliance, adherence to programs, and the company’s deep commitment to quality. This is expressed through:

  • Cost containment
  • Responsive 24/7 service
  • Comprehensive geographic coverage
  • National distribution channels
  • Prudent management of resources
  • Service consistency
  • Leading-edge clinical specialty products.

Our Goal is to Provide The Highest Quality
of Specialty Pharmacy Service in the Industry

CareMed’s many unique services also include a leading edge on Clinical Specialty Programs, including Pediatrics, Perinatal and Geriatrics. CareMed Specialty Pharmacy also offers Innovative programs to “carve out” specific disease states, which allow for focused management of these complex and costly cases.

  • Clinical Outcomes Monitoring
  • Patient Acuity Program
  • Rigorous staff screening, training and competency evaluations
  • Communication to discuss trends and upcoming new treatments
  • Clinical outcome data
  • Significant savings on costly “specialty” medications

  • Refill tracking and monitoring
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Pharmacokinetics consultation and monitoring
  • Plan of care for follow-up and monitoring based on patient needs
  • Utilization of cost-effective options (formulary management)
  • Streamlined claims processing & electronic billing