Specialty Pharmacy Service with the Physician in Mind

Medication Access

Robust list of medications to better treat your patients

Medication Therapy Management

Extensive program to monitor patient adherence and side effect


Prior Authorization Assistance

Comprehensive yet accelerated insurance verification process

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

We work hard to help eligible, uninsured and underinsured patients

Your Pharmacy Partner

At CareMed, we work tirelessly to deliver outstanding pharmacy services that allow you to provide effective and compassionate care to each of your patients.  As a physician with CareMed, you have the support of both a skilled and educated team of clinical experts, as well as specialty pharmacy services designed to give you all the tools and peace of mind you need to maintain high-quality, personalized patient services.

Our clinical care services include:

  • Comprehensive disease-specific management programs
  • Utilization reviews
  • Quality control audits
  • P.A. billing channels
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Clinical consultation
  • On-time, no-hassle refills
  • Patient confidentiality & discretion
  • Multilingual education materials

We Make the Delivery Process Easy and Accurate

Whether medications are being delivered directly to your office or to a patient’s door, CareMed ensures there is fast, free, convenient, and safe delivery of all medications. Each of our medication orders and deliveries go through a comprehensive, thorough process to ensure 100% accuracy that includes:

  • The simple, streamlined ordering process
  • Assigned Clinical Care Coordinator to confirm a patient’s therapy schedule, prescribed medications, and supplies needed for their care
  • Patient counseling and education on proper use and application of medication
  • Tracking of all packages through Care Package Recovery System
  • Live 24/7/365 clinical support from pharmacists, physicians, or nurses

Customized Pharmacy Service for Your Patients

With CareMed, your patients are our top priority. That’s why we offer a full range of pharmaceuticals customized to meet the need of any individual patient’s treatment.  Medications can be administered for a variety of treatments, including: 


  • Anti-viral drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy
  • Inotropic Therapy/cardiac care medication
  • Fertility agents
  • Hepatitis therapy
  • Oral Oncolytics
  • Hydration
  • Monoclonal antibodies
  • Other injectable therapies

    Easy Insurance Verifications & Authorization

    CareMed not only provides you with a variety of medications to cater to the needs of your patients but also assures swift, accurate delivery of each and every prescription. This is done through a comprehensive yet accelerated insurance verification process that includes: details on full insurance benefits, confirmation of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, and processing emergency enrollments.

     Your patients don’t rely on a general practitioner to treat their disease, why should you rely on a general pharmacy to help you treat your patients?

    Clinical Care Coordination That Works

    Our CareMed Pharmacy Team consists of Clinical Care Coordinators (CCC’s) and Clinical Pharmacists (RPh/Pharm-D’s) who work diligently to help improve the quality and cost of care through ongoing support for patients and physicians. This includes supporting patients through our assistance programs and other billing and coverage channels.

    Our goal as your clinical care coordinator is to ensure a patient’s prescribed therapy needs are met promptly, accurately, consistently, and compassionately.  We are here to assist you and your patients through the entire clinical process—from securing coverage for complex drug management therapies, ensuring all insurance claims are guided, completed and filed to continued support and consultation throughout patient treatment.

    For more information on our patient assistance and clinical care services, contact us.

    Patient Assistance Programs

    The reality of the current healthcare environment is that many patients who need healthcare products are uninsured, under insured, or simply lack the financial means to pay for them. CareMed’s comprehensive reimbursement support system can alleviate some of these hardships and provide vital medical products at a reduced cost – or even free if qualified.

    Our Reimbursement Specialists can offer several services to those in need of healthcare: 

    • Coverage and reimbursement options
    • Appeals assistance
    • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to help eligible, uninsured and under insured patients obtain access to medications.

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