ABarnett 2CareMed is excited to announce the addition of Andrew Barnett to our business development team as Vice President of Pharma Relations. In his role, Andrew will be focused on expanding CareMed’s partnerships with new and existing pharmaceutical manufacturers. In our quest to be the industry leader in rare, cancer, and orphan disease, we are committed to investing in our people and attracting the best talent in the industry to fuel our growth.

Andrew brings almost 20 years of industry experience with extensive knowledge in channel strategy, distribution, and product development for leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the oncology and rare disease market. His experience in designing enhanced specialty pharmacy services to optimize patient outcomes will be an asset to CareMed as we improve our clinical strategy and deliver value to our pharma partners and industry stakeholders.

Prior to joining CareMed, Andrew served as Director of Channel Strategy for AbbVie and later joined Alexion, AstraZeneca’s rare disease pharmaceutical company. Andrew’s extensive background in the industry began early in his career at ACS Specialty Pharmacy where he assisted leading call center operations to designing and implementing enhanced patient services programs. Being immersed in the day-to-day gave him a passion for forging ongoing partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop programs which ultimately elevated the critical role pharmacies play for patients battling rare and chronic diseases.